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You are the student of a renowned alchemist and potion-maker. At last, she's decided you're ready to start growing and breeding plants yourself, and has given you your own greenhouse. Your job is to selectively breed plants from the stock seeds you've been provided, and grow the magical plants your mentor has described to you.

This is my entry for My First Game Jam: Winter 2017.

Published Jan 21, 2017
Tags2D, Mouse only, My First Game Jam, plants, Relaxing
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial


Alchemists_Greenhouse.exe 3 MB


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Well, one thing is, do you just keep combining medium and small to make a big/large? 2nd, add secrets, like codes to get free plat seeds, or hidden recipies for a free plant.

Nice game! Wish there was more =D

It took me a while to figure out that combining plants doesn't always produce the same result but after I did I have a lot of fun with it. Good work!

Thank you! That would probably be a good thing to indicate in the tutorial, so I'll add it to the list of changes that need doing.